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FavorX OpenAPI Reference

The FavorX Node exposes two HTTP API endpoints: API and Debug-API.

These endpoints can be queried using the HTTP protocol. When an error occurs, it will return an HTTP status code and error code with clear semantics in JSON format.


The API endpoints expose all functionality to upload and download the content in the FavorX network. By default, it runs under the 1633 port.

A more detailed API endpoint can be found in the following link:

API reference


Debug-API endpoints are disabled by default, which can be turned on by adding a debug-api-enable option to the configuration file and setting the value to true; The Debug-API exposes functionality to inspect the state of your FavorX node, while some features should not be exposed to the Internet. By default, the Debug-API is running on port 1635.


For a new installation of FavorX, the Debug-API endpoint is not yet exposed for security reasons. To enable the Debug-API endpoint, set --debug-api-enable to true, or add this parameter in the configuration file and restart the node.

A more detailed Debug-API endpoint can be found in the following link:

Debug-API reference


Debug-API should not be exposed to the Internet. Make sure your network has a firewall that blocks the external access of the 1635 port or binds the Debug-API to localhost.