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Quick Start

Launching Flow

Now, our new version of FavorX is compatible with 3 blockchain networks:

  • Polygon (Mainnet & Testnet)
  • Metis (Mainnet)
  • OKC (Mainnet)

FavorLabs has been packaged, you can follow the process below to start the node.

Download FavorX

Obtain the favorX startup file at the following address and execute it under the ubuntu system.


Untar the tar package

After you untar the tar package, you will find there is a directory named "favorX" which contains two files:

  • favorX

Make sure that they are kept in the same directory.


The scripts already contain the configuration files for 3 types of networks, You can start under a different blockchain network by changing the command line script parameters:

./ Polygon  # Start a node under the Polygon network
./ OKC # Start a node under the OKC network
./ metis # Start a node under the metis network

So when you want to start the Polygon network, just use the following methods:

cd ./favorX
chmod +x
./ Polygon

After the initialization is completed, the corresponding address account will be generated and a password will be set. Please keep your password properly.